Up & Down

Itinerary: Tehran - Zanjan - Tabriz - Jolfa - Ardebil - Masooleh - Qazvin - Alamut - Tehran
Duration: 11 Days & 10 Nights
Day 01: Tehran to Zanjan
Upon your arrival to IKA (early morning) we drive to Zanjan city and visit Gonbade Soltaniey en route. Overnight in Zanjan.
Day 02: Zanjan to Tabriz
Drive to Tabriz and visit Takht-e-Soleyman en route. Overnight in Tabriz.
Day 03: Tabriz
Full city tour in Tabriz including Blue mosque, Tabriz Grand Bazaar and National Museum.
Day 04: Tabriz to Jolfa
In the morning we leave Tabriz to visit Dzor Dzor church, Qareh Church, Saint Stepanos, overnight in Jolfa.
Day 05: Jolfa to Babak Castle
In the morning we drive East and will do some hiking to Babak Castle. Overnight stay near the castle in a local house.
Day 06: Babak Castle to Ardebil
Drive to Ardebil and visit of main attractions and monuments in Ardebil including a Sufi Mosque.
Day 07: Ardebil to Masooleh village in Rasht
Drive toward Rudkhan Castle and overnight in Masooleh village. At night we discover this beautiful hillside village during an evening walk.
Day 08: Mosooleh to Qazvin
Drive to Qazvin city. We will visit the beautiful Bazaar and Carvansaray, Safavid Palace. Overnight in Qazvin.
Day 09: Qazvin to Alamut Castle
Drive to the Hasan Sabah Castle (Alamut). We are enjoying the beautiful road and discover the castle. Overnight in Alamut.
Day 10: Alamut to Tehran
Stop in Ovan Lake en-route. The last stay will be in a nice hostel in Tehran near the historical sites.
Day 11 : IKA
Depending on your departure time, visit some places in Tehran and transfer to International Airport for departure.


Babak Castle

Babak Castle


Qazvin Mountainside