Ceremonial Street Performance

Itinerary: Yazd City - Taft
Duration: 2 days
In this very special trip we are going to visit Yazd City which is the most important one to hold the Religious Ceremony of Ashura.
Each year for a duration of 10 days there are religious ceremonies to commemorate the 3rd Shiite Imam (Hussein) around the country, but the most respected one is in the city of Yazd for 2 days.
If you are interested to see an Iranian-Islamic Street Performance, this would be the best choice.
On this trip you are not going to see any museums because all of them are closed for two days. You don’t have to buy food, because there are plenty of delicious free meals during the ceremonial days. The best accommodation in Taft village is a very nice and friendly local house.

Ceremony during Ashura, Yazd